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2 Bizarre Gambles on Musicians

When gambling was on the decline, casinos thought up of a few things that could help keep their sales up. One of the ideas that came to be was inviting musical acts to head to Vegas and perform. This would attract more people, especially gambling games.

However, in some weird twist of fate, these musical acts sometimes become the thing that people are betting on.

Here are a couple of bizarre bets on musicians.

Katy Perry

The Super Bowl. For years, this has been a momentous occasion each year. Television ratings will tell you that it is one of the most watched events in the history of television. That is why there are a lot of ads put on it. Time is money as they say.

A good ad showed at the right time in the Super Bowl can significantly increase the popularity of the brand that puts it out. Take Tide for example. When they released their hilarious, “It’s a Tide ad” commercial amidst the Tide pod controversy, it was a huge win.

Similarly, musical acts who perform well in the Super Bowl get another notch on their belts. Oddly enough, one of these musical acts had become the subject of a weird bet.

The musician was Katy Perry, a singer whose fame and popularity do not need to be introduced.

A multitude of football fans that day was not only betting on whether the New England Patriots or the Seattle Seahawks would win. Instead, they were also betting on whether or not Katy Perry’s breasts would reveal themselves on center stage as well.

Elvis Presley

It’s the King! The King has long passed. Long live the king. Or at least that is what one person wished.

While the king of rock and roll has long since gone to the big peanut butter and banana sandwich saloon in the sky, several people think that he had faked his own death.

Capitalizing on it, bookmakers set up a bet for people who believed that Elvis was alive. The odds were enormous though, coming at 2000/1 and 100/1. A person who had bet £300 would have won more than £300,000.

The bet was set to end by 2017, meaning Presley needed to come out and say he was alive by then. Sadly, only the bookmakers won on this one.

These are only a few odd bets made on musicians. We are sure that as time moves on, that more of it will happen.

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3 Must Hear Songs About Gambling

They say that visual art like drawings and paintings is how we fill space. On the other hand, songs are how we paint time.

Let’s check out several must hear songs about gambling that you can listen to and paint your time with.

Shape of My Heart

The first song we’ll be tuning in to is Sting’s Shape of My Heart. The concept of the song is quite an interesting one. It is about a poker player. However, this one is quite unique and not like a regular poker player.

Instead of winning for money, the poker player that Sting talks about is only playing to gain more knowledge about the game. He plays to understand how the laws of probability are and studying to try and crack the code of poker.

Huck’s Tune

Next up, we have Huck’s Tune by the Bob Dylan. The song was actually made for the Eric Bana and Drew Barrymore film called Lucky You. The song is indeed a theme for the movie.

Like the movie, the song recounts and explains how dangerous playing poker can be. He talks about how it can affect money and more importantly, the relationships of a person. It is a great accompanying track to the film, as it speaks about exactly what is happening on screen.

Good Run of Bad Luck

Finally, we have Good Run of Bad Luck by Clint Black. This is a top country song that, while not totally about gambling, sees life through several of the gambling experiences and sayings.

It tells the story of a person who follows his dreams and heart, only to be unlucky enough to keep losing like a set of bad hands at a poker table.

Why not add these songs to the playlist and play them whenever gambling rolls through your mind?

The reality is that gambling is growing, and legalization of gambling is opening up too. For those interested, you should learn as much as you can.

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2 Comparisons Between Gambling Historians and Music Critics

Every topic is fascinating to somebody. Be it about bees, flowers, summer loves, and even the gambling industry, someone will always be interested in these. That is why gambling historians came out and studied the fascinating topic.

When people think of history, specifically the history of gambling, people usually act one way. They usually roll their eyes and get as far away as possible from the topic. This is a common reaction to history. Perhaps most people have had negative experiences with their history classes.

The thing that they don’t realize is that there is so much to learn from any history really. It is interesting and always has something that people can learn from.

The truth is though that gambling historians aren’t that far off from music critics. Let’s take a look at several reasons why that is.

Everyone Has a Favorite

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Much like every critic or person who understands the subject a lot, they each have a favorite. For gambling historians, it would make sense to study its history as a whole, but it is a really deep topic that if put in books would span so many books that couldn’t fit in a single book shelf.

This is really because there are so many gambling games out there. Blackjack, poker, and craps are only the staple ones. However, what about games like the Philippines’ Pusoy Dos? Russia’s Durak? And so much more.

Naturally, historians would gravitate – at least initially – to the things that interest them the most. They go write about the gambling games that they like the most.

This applies even much more to music critics. There are currently so many genres of songs out there. Soul, Classical, Country, Rock, Rap, and even specific ones like K-pop. With everything out there, it just isn’t realistic to find a music critic that can currently encompass and critique all of the genres.

Within those specific genres, there are so many groups and artists that perform and make songs. And each of those artists make a plethora of songs that could fill several thousand iPods (or would it?).

Again, it would make the most sense that these critics only listen to genres and artists that they are mostly interested in. While most music critics endeavor to review as much music as possible, I’d likely trust a critic that is interested in a specific type of music I have.


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Finally, come the interpretations. Historians do have facts to draw from. Written accounts and the like. However, the lessons behind these facts are subject to different interpretations.

It is much the same with music critics. Depending on their ability and the criteria they apply when they review pieces of music, their review of a song may largely differ from how you feel about it.

The best piece of advice we can give is judge for yourself. You can take what they say, but don’t take it as gospel. Whatever works for you really.

Gambling historians aren’t that far apart right? An interesting thing to think about when you meet historians again.

You can also try out books, as there are great casino gaming stories you can learn from and enjoy.