3 Interesting Facts about Gambling in the United States

Most people know what gambling is. It is a competition across various games where bets are made and rewards are earned.

This article will reveal several interesting facts that people don’t know about gambling in the United States.

Online Poker Trends

There is a gigantic push being made that is utilizing the power of the internet and poker. From these past years, there has been a movement to maximize the reach of gambling games. That is why there were online casinos created which saw more gambling games coming online.

This is especially true for poker. In this case, several states have joined forces to bring a combined pot to online poker. These are New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware. Players from these different states will allow people to play with each other online.

This way, the pools in the tournaments where these states play will be inflated to quite a large sum. Other states have caught wind of this and want to join in on it.

The Dark Side of Gambling

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While it is great to talk about things like prize pools and more money, there is indeed a dark side of gambling. If left unchecked, people could become addicts and their lives could be negatively affected by this.

In a recent study more than 6 years ago, more than five million Americans looked for treatment due to gambling problems.

While the government is helping with state-funded programs, it is not enough. Data suggests that less than one percent of these people got help from these programs.

Vicinity is Vicious

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The last thing we have to share with you is the vicinity of casinos or legalized gambling areas. The fact is that when casinos are real near a person, the people within 10 miles might have twice the chance of getting a gambling addiction problem.

If you put it into perspective, more than 50% of slot machine revenue is comprised of these people who live nearby and have gambling problems. This was from a study that was conducted for the past decade.

We hope these facts have helped shed light on gambling in the United States.