2 Comparisons Between Gambling Historians and Music Critics

Every topic is fascinating to somebody. Be it about bees, flowers, summer loves, and even the gambling industry, someone will always be interested in these. That is why gambling historians came out and studied the fascinating topic.

When people think of history, specifically the history of gambling, people usually act one way. They usually roll their eyes and get as far away as possible from the topic. This is a common reaction to history. Perhaps most people have had negative experiences with their history classes.

The thing that they don’t realize is that there is so much to learn from any history really. It is interesting and always has something that people can learn from.

The truth is though that gambling historians aren’t that far off from music critics. Let’s take a look at several reasons why that is.

Everyone Has a Favorite

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Much like every critic or person who understands the subject a lot, they each have a favorite. For gambling historians, it would make sense to study its history as a whole, but it is a really deep topic that if put in books would span so many books that couldn’t fit in a single book shelf.

This is really because there are so many gambling games out there. Blackjack, poker, and craps are only the staple ones. However, what about games like the Philippines’ Pusoy Dos? Russia’s Durak? And so much more.

Naturally, historians would gravitate – at least initially – to the things that interest them the most. They go write about the gambling games that they like the most.

This applies even much more to music critics. There are currently so many genres of songs out there. Soul, Classical, Country, Rock, Rap, and even specific ones like K-pop. With everything out there, it just isn’t realistic to find a music critic that can currently encompass and critique all of the genres.

Within those specific genres, there are so many groups and artists that perform and make songs. And each of those artists make a plethora of songs that could fill several thousand iPods (or would it?).

Again, it would make the most sense that these critics only listen to genres and artists that they are mostly interested in. While most music critics endeavor to review as much music as possible, I’d likely trust a critic that is interested in a specific type of music I have.


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Finally, come the interpretations. Historians do have facts to draw from. Written accounts and the like. However, the lessons behind these facts are subject to different interpretations.

It is much the same with music critics. Depending on their ability and the criteria they apply when they review pieces of music, their review of a song may largely differ from how you feel about it.

The best piece of advice we can give is judge for yourself. You can take what they say, but don’t take it as gospel. Whatever works for you really.

Gambling historians aren’t that far apart right? An interesting thing to think about when you meet historians again.

You can also try out books, as there are great casino gaming stories you can learn from and enjoy.