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The history of gambling in the United States is an interesting tale that has its ups, its downs, and a lot of nuggets of wisdom that people can collect.

The act of gambling has been on this planet for quite a while. There seems to be something innate in the yearning to compete with another person. There are indications that earlier civilizations have had gambling.

In America, it started in the early 18th century, with the first ever British American colonies. Throughout the years, it was a tale of understanding the consequences of gambling, to applying restrictions, and its consequent resurgence.

The Zzzsss website is all about the chronicling of history through the eyes of gambling. It isn’t only about the strict history of it, but also about certain facets of life around us as it relates to gambling throughout time.

For instance, we may write something about gambling sports that have stood the test of time. We may also write about certain books about gambling that are critically acclaimed. How about certain celebrities that have had troubles with gambling throughout the years?

These are only a few things that we write about.

One common thing we hear people ask though is our name. Why Zzzsss? In common terms, this is usually used to denote sleeping.

We are not saying that gambling or history is something that is boring. However, we feel that they are things that are often slept on. In truth though, there are so many things that people can find out and learn about with gambling and its history.

We urge you to check out gambling events and gambling history resources to learn more.